Today, I want to write about my latest side project, AngelBrain, a sort of guardian of my house built on a very cheap and constrained hardware, a Raspberry PI 3 B+.


I’ve always been looking for something new to create, or to build since I was very young. One of the earliest creations I remember was a red lamp, mounted on the rear of my bicycle, turning on when I braked. I was 10 years old and it was so raw and fragile. Nevertheless, it caught the interest of the kids in the neighborhood, so I spent the next two…

The Java SDK for is on

TL; DR You will learn to interact with, storing and retrieving data, by writing a very few lines of Java code thanks to the provided SDK.


The current version of the Java SDK library is Release Candidate (RC). Please, refer to the GitHub repository to report issues (see the links at the bottom of this page)

Introduction is a simple storage service based on a “key/value” data modeling: you can easily organize data in dictionaries, where your keys map to values, both of which are simple strings. …

After 5 years of honored but concealed service, I have some news about that I’m thrilled to share with you.

I hope you will enjoy it.

Good reading,
Carlo Alberto (aka lordkada)

New “everything”

If you recall the old “design”, it was the web version of a computer terminal showing a shell. The logo was drawn with simple characters, the website, and even its functionalities were available as simple commands typed from the keyboard. I loved that approach a lot :-)

And I was not alone, because, during this long period, I have collected many positive feedbacks. …

Caro Sindaco,

con l’avvicinarsi del Natale quest’anno ho deciso anche io di spedire la mia letterina e così, come fanno molti bimbi, anche io ho impugnato “carta e penna” per scriverla.

Solo che invece di mandarla a Babbo Natale, ho deciso di inviarla a te che ti considero un po’ il papà di tutti noi cittadini. E ti chiedo subito scusa per il tono colloquiale, ma penso che me lo perdonerai. Infatti dietro questo “tu” sono sicuro che riconoscerai tutto il profondo rispetto che sinceramente mi anima.

Devo anche confessarti che sono stato davvero combattuto se scrivertela, un pò perché…

Hey, are you enthusiastic about developing your brand new website using a static content generator like Jekyll or Hugo?

And what about replacing your old-fashioned blogging engine to leverage the lean and clean, off-the-shelf GitHub Pages?

Great… I can feel your excitation… I really do! The world is fast changing and the pace is accelerating… like your heart (and mine too :-)) !

But.. wait…

Did you ever consider that maybe in the near future you could need something like a simple contact form or a feedback page? And with a static site, not backed-up by a piece of code…

Carlo Alberto

Startupping ThingleMe

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